Mateja Benedetti was born in Koper, Slovenia. After finishing the Secondary School of Design and Photography in Ljubljana (1994) she continued her studies (1995) in the faculty of Natural Sciences and Engineering, department: Textile and Clothing Design and graduated in 2004.

She also completed her studies abroad: she concluded her pregraduate study of Fashion Design (2003) at the Utrecht School of the Arts in the Netherlands.

Her career starts as a costume designer for films and theatres in Slovenia and abroad.

Since 2005 she has her own label Benedetti Pure Couture.
Since 2013 she has started with Terra Urbana an ecological luxury brand with a showroom based in Milan, Italy.

Mateja Benedetti shows are known for their emotional power and sensuality, as well as the theatrical but determinedly contemporary nature of the collections, rich in details.

Each collection is her own fairytale.
In less than 5 years Mateja Benedetti became one of the most respected fashion and costume designers in Slovenia. In 2011 she was presenting her bridal light dresses in a BOOK Bridal Haute Couture n.39 in fifty countries . She was one of the first Slovenian designers whose work was recognized by the chief editor Elio Frasca.